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Project 2 Research - Mood Board

So far I've decided to do the Decemberists and create a CD cover for a future upcoming album. I'm going to reflect on Art Nouveau and Dada periods.


Classical Contemporary Design

This blues CD cover design reminds me of the pop art/psychedelia period which had artists such as Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast. This could relate to the topics at hand in the sense that it'd be possible to make a CD cover for the Decemberists incorporating their street performance for which they were arrested for.

Anatomy of the Olympics

The design that I found myself looking at was the main Olympics logo for the Vancouver Olympics. Throughout the years the Olympics have used a very simple version of a human figure usually with simple colors and symbols that relate to the region the events are taking place in. For instance in Athens the design of the logo was very representational of ancient Greece. In the Sydney Olympics they used part of an image of a boomerang for the lower torso of the human figure since the boomerang is a prominent symbol of Australia. And now in the Vancouver Olympics the image seems to portray the native people of Canada such as the Inuit and tribes of the Pacific. As you can tell most of the designs from the logos of the Olympics come from cultural representations of mainly primitive designs.


Internation Designs

I looked at some British designers such as studio myerscough and Peter Saville. Most of the work they do seems very to the point and is successful in the conveying the information they wish to present. A lot of the designs include many colors and make the designs feel very energetic. I think American design and UK design seem very similar but it seems like American imagery is more "censored" in a way that there is less rebellious images and pictures in the designs.

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