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Google closes its self-censored search in China

On Thursday, Google announced that it would no longer support its self-censored search in China.

More than the news itself, the New York Times highlights the implications here, "it was doing more than standing up to a repressive government: it was showing that, with the United States still struggling to develop a foreign policy for the digital age, Internet companies need to articulate their own foreign policies."

USA Today took a different approach to the angle and made the store about the people of China being divided about Google's decision.

USA Today outlined the news by saying, "Google's decision this week to close its self-censored Internet search service in mainland China was provoking diverse reactions here Thursday."

China has a vast firewall that censors what media organizations come up in searches and more specifically, what information comes up at all. Many media organizations abide by these rules except Google.

The New York Times recalled Google's initial foray into China, "The choice was not easy. Since late 2006, when it entered China, Google argued that a censored search service was better than no search service at all."

After many difficulties including disagreements and hacking, Google decided to back out.

St. Paul infant death ended in mistrial.

According to the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune, Jurors were unable to reach a verdict in the trial examining the death of a 9-week-old infant from Saint Paul.

After almost 15 hours of debate, the judge made his decision at 7p.m. to end the trial.

Rebecca Shaw, left her daughter Rhania in the care of her boyfriend Louis D. Jones after four weeks of maternity leave.

She returned from work on Feb. 27, 2009 and found that Rhania was having trouble breathing. Jones and Shaw took the infant to the emergency room and she was put on life support. Later the family decided to take her off life support.

Prosecutors argued that her death was the cause of abuse from Jones. The medical examiner decided the cause of death was "non-accidental trauma."

However, the Star Tribune reports, "There is evidence of a birth injury," attorney Carole Finneran told the jury in her closing argument Friday. "There is no evidence of a crime."

The Pioneer Press goes into much more detail about the background and story of events. According to the Pioneer Press, "The doctor said Rhania's bleeding occurred weeks or months earlier and that for some reason, the body's normal healing mechanisms didn't work properly."

To make things more complicated the Star Tribune reports, "After Rhania died, Jones told police investigators the infant had fallen off a couch."

Obituary: Beatrice Katherine Bell

I took this obituary from the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press.

Beatrice Katherine Bell, 89, died on March 22, 2010. These obituaries appear to be written by the same person because there is so little variation. Bell had nine children and 12 grandchildren.

Both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press used the phrase, "went to be with the Lord" instead of "died."

They also used the phrase, "preceded in death" and mention her by first name.

Interestingly enough, these obituaries don't include anything about Bell's life, joys, or personal characteristics. They just give the basic who, what, where and when.

Palin starts Tea Party rally in Nevada

On Saturday, Sarah Palin commenced the Tea Party protest in Searchlight, Nev which is home of prominent democrat, Harry Reid.

Both, the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle have the number of attendees pegged in the "thousands."

This rally was considered significant because it was the hometown of Harry Reid, who was heavily involved in passing the new healthcare bill.

Both, the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle note that Reid was the main target and opponent.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "The goal here is to use Harry Reid as a symbol of everything that's wrong with Washington - and to get everybody engaged in the 2010 race," Ryan Gill said.

Read more:

Palin used her now-famous "poor man's teleprompter" during her speech which helped to excite the attendees.

The San Francisco Chronicle's big difference in reporting was to build the story around calling this rally a "conservative Woodstock."

Over 100 trapped in China coal mine

According to the New York Times, "At least 123 people were trapped underground Sunday after water gushed into a coal mine in northern China."

The administration said that 138 workers were rescued but the rest were trapped.

CNN reports that the total number of trapped coal miners was 152. They also said that only 109 coal miners were rescued.

According to CNN the cause of the flood is has not yet been determined.

The New York times notes that "2,631 people died in coal mine accidents in 2009," and these accidents were blamed on the lack of safety standards and poor training.

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