Geoge Nissen, inventor of the trampoline lives to see it become Olympic Sport

George Nissen is heralded as the inventor of the trampoline and has had quite an interesting story.

Nissen was born in Blairstown, Iowa and was inspired by circus aerialists bouncing off of the safety nets.

Wall Street Journal's Stephen Miller wrote, "I said, 'Jeez, if you wanted to, you could keep rebounding into other tricks,' " Mr. Nissen said in a 2006 interview with Acrobatic Sport magazine."

This was a poor choice for a money quote because it was taken from another magazine and because it doesn't support the story at all.

Nissen's very first trampoline prototype was actually made of nothing more than scrap metal, cut-up inner tubes and sheet canvas.

Interestingly enough, Nissen's invention didn't take off for customers initially. Instead, his most loyal customers turned out to the military, which used it for training pilots and soldiers.

Overall, this was a really good piece and did a nice job capturing the life and essence of the trampoline inventor.

Although, he wasn't called the "Trampoline King," Miller was able to give the reader a glimpse of Nissesn's mannerisms and imagination.

In a nice recap, Miller wrote, "Always active, Mr. Nissen performed handstands and trampoline back flips into his 80s. He attended the 2000 Sydney Olympics to watch trampoline become an official Olympic sport."

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