Husband kills his wife and then himself in broad daylight

On Saturday a man shot and killed his wife and then himself in front of a Columbia Heights restaurant.

A relative said that his wife had made plans to leave him but neither of the victims have been identified at this point.

However the Pioneer Press reported, "But police were inspecting a vehicle at the scene registered to Josef Tomasovic."

The Pioneer Press reported that the murder-suicide happened right outside of Asian Chow Mien in Columbia Heights but there was no connection to the restaurant.

The Star Tribune got a quote from the Columbia Heights police chief saying, "It does appear at this time that this was a murder-suicide," and he added it was one of the deadly outcomes of domestic disputes that they've been trying to prevent.

The employees were getting ready to open the restaurant when they heard shots outside.

Although the police haven't confirmed that the victims names of Josef and Natalie Tomasovic, their house, a few blocks away from the crime scene, was being guarded by police.

Both papers reported that, "Neither of the two appeared to have a criminal record of any kind."

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