Investigative: The story of a crime lord

Frank Ma was considered to be the "last of the Asian godfathers," According to the New York times.

Ma was the classic Asain gangter who had dealings all over San Francisco, Toronto and Manhattan.

He loved to gamble, even on games which he didn't fully understand. Take basketball for example; Ma placed his bets based on the the color of the team jerseys.

The last components of this gangster story include a hitman known as "psycho," heroin, and graveyard murders.

Looking at this story brings a broader question of the level of prominence of Asian gangs in the United States.

The New York Times reported, "But in just two years, 1990 and 1991, at the height of the gangsters' power, federal agents in New York alone made 130 arrests, confiscated 200 pounds of heroin and seized $25 million in assets, including $15 million in cash, as well as homes, boats, apartment buildings, jewelry stores, even the Golden Palace restaurant, one of Chinatown's biggest, which was used to launder money."

Ma was eventually caught and pleaded guilty to murder and narcotics charges.

The New York Times reported, "'He'd killed the wrong guys, and it caused a conflict with his supplier back in Hong Kong,' Agent McMurray said in an interview."

The story concluded with Agent McMurray saying that it was very likely that Ma was the last of the Asian godfathers.

He said if there was another crime lord of the same caliber as Ma, they would probably already know of him.

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