Joe Bastardi makes different argument for global warming: It isn't

Elizabeth Kolbert wrote a very interesting piece on Joe Bastardi and global warming. Joe Bastardi is a self-proclaimed, "expert senior forecaster."

Apparently Bastardi thinks the earth is actually cooling instead of warming up.

Kolbert said, "Virtually every major scientific body in the world has concluded that the planet is warming, and that greenhouse-gas emissions are the main cause."

His theories as to why the earth is cooling are very complex and include Volcanism, sunspots and something called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation.

No surprisingly, Kolbert calls his theories "ridiculous" and goes on to take a pot-shot at FOX News for having him as a regular guest on their show.

What's more interesting is that it turns out that two-thirds of weathermen and forecasters agree that global warming is, well, a farce.

Because law makers have delayed action the public confidence in global warming actually existing has gone down.

Kolbert reported, "only fifty-two per cent of Americans believe that 'most scientists believe that global warming is occurring,' down from sixty-five per cent in 2008."

It's hard to come to any real conclusion because we are not that good at estimating or predicting the future so far in advance.

Despite the skeptics, this winter was was on the warmest winters in earth's history.

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