Poland mourns the loss of leadership and begins to rebuild

Polish President Lech Kaczynski was killed along with some 90 others on Saturday in a plane crash.

A ceremony was held on Sunday for him and he was buried.

CNN reported, "Tens of thousands of Poles across the country observed a two-minute-long moment of silence to remember their president and 95 others killed in the plane crash."

Officials have been feverishly investigating all possible reasons for the plane's failure to land. At this point it's still not entirely clear.

The New York Times reported, "Russian and Polish investigators began Sunday to analyze evidence from the flight recorders in the crash, and prosecutors, forensic pathologists and crash investigators were working with their Russian counterparts both in Smolensk and Moscow, Polish and Russian officials said."

Though it's an extremely difficult time, The country has take affirmative action to start rebuilding it's leadership and structure.

The New York Times reported, "Senior Polish officials sought to reassure the public that the government would continue to function normally despite the loss."

The plane was carrying the president and other officials on its way to a ceremony commemorate the 20,000 casualties of the Soviet massacre 70 years ago.

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