two pieces on Hulu CEO Jason Kilar

The New York Times recently did a piece exploring the struggles and success of online TV streaming service Hulu.

USA Today also did a piece on Hulu and Jason Kilar recently, and actually did video interview as well as a condensed write-up.

The New York Times story takes a look at Hulu's profitability and search to earn more money. They reported that Hulu as been profitable for two quarters in a row.

The USA Today piece was written in February and that point said, "Kilar won't say whether Hulu is profitable, but he notes that the list of advertising sponsors working with Hulu has grown to more than 400."

They also reported, "It is coming under increasing pressure from the companies that supply its content. They want Hulu to earn more advertising dollars and set up a subscription service, asking consumers to pay a monthly fee to watch at least some of the shows on the site."

Because of this, Hulu is in the process of exploring subscription models and alternate pricing that will likely take effect soon.

USA Today said, "For months there have been hints from Hulu's owners of a looming pay model, perhaps as early as this year."

Right now the big benefit of Hulu is the fact that it's free. There are other big-name competitors that have already jumped into the streaming service like Apple and Netflix.

At this point consumers usually flock to free video sites unless the offer is complelling enough. The New York Times notes, "If consumers embrace a subscription service and an iPad app, it could make the company's family gatherings a little less rancorous."

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