November 26, 2006

nickled and dimed

Last year in my hometown an all holy "super-walmart" rolled its construction into town and took over an entire city block of our town, turning marshland into a desolate industrial area that would soon be occupied with dirty cars, run away carts, angry shoppers, disgruntled workers, and unbelievable savings!! I was not a fan of this development.
After reading nickled and dimed it became clear to me that corporations like this are money guzzling machines. They pay little to have alot of their products made in 3rd world countries around the world, pay their workers jack shit to also save money, and stay open 24/7 as to make as much of the green stuf as possible. These major corporations are eating away at America. They encourage low wages that aren't liveable and working hours that making even the hardest of the hardcore blue collar workers cringe. Nobody can actually make a living off of this as proved in the reading. Shouldn't that say something about large corporations taking over small business's and our nation's current minimum wage??

November 20, 2006

different colleges

this weekend i went and visited one of my best friends who goes to St. Cloud state. This place was very different to me from the U. Everybody there knows who you are (kind of like the cheers theme song) and knows pretty much everything about you. This was the reason i was excited to go to college. To get away from the people who knew me. Anyways, in St. Cloud they all have very crapy dorms that are half the size of mine....and i didn't think they could actually get any smaller. They all go to the local hookah bar right by campus, and they all party pretty much everyday of the week. It is official st. cloud is still a party school. After spending the weekend there i decided i like the U much better. Not everyone knows me, my room is nicer, and there isn't loud drunk people running around on a tuesday i guess im thankful for what i have here in Minneapolis!

November 12, 2006


This is just an update as to how my concert went this weekend.
On Saturday i went to a show at the Myth put on by the one and only Black Label Society with frontman Zakk Wylde. Needless to say it was amazing. I crowd surfed and almost died. that was a blast. My friends all got caught in a violent mosh pit and also had a blast. My brother got to see his guitar idol and got to see him play some amazing guitar. Also I got to see a ery drunk man pee on the side of the building while we were waiting in line to get in. That part wasn't the highlight of the show but it still brought a smile to my face. Black Label Society put on one hell of a show. I salute them.

November 10, 2006

thoreau lied

So i found it interesting that i actually talked to somebody about the text we were reading this week outside of class. I was telling one of my guy friends about the book and why we were reading it and what not. He then told me that he went to Europe this summer and got some limited edition version of walden. He said it was one of his favorite reads and he was really enjoying reading it during his backpacking jounrney in Europe. While he was reading it he said he met somebody who told him that Thoreau didn't actually live as naturalistic as he said he did. Apparently his mom lived near by and would make him meals a couple times a week. He would go over there and eat. Doesn't this go against the whole point of his composition? It really pissed me off. If this is true then thoreau is a liar. not cool.

sick again.

This morning I woke up ready to begin my weekend. I only had one class and work, nothing could go wrong. But something did go wrong. This morning i woek uip with a severe cold and a fever. I feel like complete and utter shit. Just the way i love to start a weekend. I'm supposed to be getting together with a bunch of my highschool friends and my brother and we were all going to an awesome show. Now I hope that I can suck it up pull it together and have a good time at the concert this weekend. wish me luck.

November 6, 2006

i miss the little things

Since I've moved to college alot of things have changed in my life. My friends, my job, my residence, and how i go about everyday life. It has made me learn to appreciate the things that i left more and more. One of this things happens to be my little kitten that i got for Christmas a couple years ago. She's the greatest pet in the world and i love her. Since I've moved, and moved into the dorms none the less where pets aren't allowed, i've come to miss all the perks of having a pet. When you're having a bad day and you don't really want to talk about it my pets have always been the ones that where there for me. Whenever i was lonely and in need of some attention my cat could always cudde with me and provide me with some affection. I never thought about how much i would miss my cat, but i guess moving to college makes you appreciate the little things everybody leaves behind in starting a new life. Even 2 months later it can still be a tough adjusment.

November 3, 2006

jump around

i just realized that next weekend is november 11th. That means that i get to go see Black Label Society with frontman zakk wylde at the myth. Im so excited. Nothing can equal a better weekend than a metal show. Out of control mayhem with my best friends. I could not picture anything better. I first saw black label society this summer at ozzfest, and they put on one hell of a show. The energy was amazing along with the mind boggling musical talent that zakk wylde presents. I knew that i had to see them if they ever came to Minneapolis. Thankfully they are, and i get to take part in a fun show next weekend!!:)

The weekend is here!!!

thank god the weekend is here. This week was a living hell. I had to work way too many hours, write too many papers, study for too many midterms, and pay way too many bills. But thankfully i can escape that all this weekend and hide away from my stressful life for about 2.5 days. i love it. I have a couple friends from my hometown that are coming to visit me. Its always exciting to see old high school friends. I am also bringing them to the game. So the gophers better not screw this one up (wait they still probably will). So once i get my homework done tonight, im gonna sit back, take a big deep breathe, and inhale my weekend.

October 30, 2006


Everybody needs something in their lives that drives them whether it be their work, family, a hobbie, etc. People need to see progress taking place in their lives and like to see a gradual building towards some self fuilfilling goal. For many people this can we lived through their work. My dad is a great example of someone trying to live through their work. He believes that working hard is the key to life. You get what you put into your life. He works two jobs. He is a civil engineer by day, and a hard working warehouse-man at our local fleet farm. All in all he works somewhere around 60-70 hours in a week. My family doesn't even neccessarilly need the money from his second job, he just does it because he finds that it is more rewarding for him to be at work and accomplish things in the work place, rather than be at home spending time with his family. I will always respect his impecible work ethic when it comes to his jobs, however, leaving a family behind for it can sometimes create more harm than good. Work can be a great driving force in anyone's life, but through my experience I have found that it should not replace a family and loved ones.

October 24, 2006

first day -o- work

tomorrow is my first day of work at kenwood parks as a rec worker. Kind of nervous because i have an extreme hatred for first day's of work. The awkward arrival and getting used to everything really gets under my skin. The whole day will be a meaningless jumble of introductions and fake smiles. My job title includes that i work with children throughout the day and provide them with worthwile learning activities. Which basically means i will have to be very up beat and cheerful which at times can be quit the task for me. Oh well i guess it should be interesting. At least i'm getting paid well.....

October 22, 2006

back again

i realize i just posted a blog about thank you for smoking, and its a little tacky to post blogs only minutes after eachother but i feel compelled because something really crappy just happened to me. I'm trying to write my research paper first draft, just minding my own business when my humidifier just randomly starts leaking water, and fast. So now there is water all over my t.v., is isn't working, and im very very unhappy writing this research paper at 11:30 with a borken t.v. Im PISSED.

October 15, 2006


today is a beautiful day outside. The sun is shinning and for once, it is not bone chillingly cold with a sharp wind piercing your face. I very much hope that this warm weather lasts for at least a week or two. I'm not ready to entirely say goodbye to nice weather and begin to embrace big bad winter. But, then again, this is Minnesota and the weather is wack.

October 13, 2006

what a relief

I thought for sure that my first college paper would be a complete failure and that it would send me into a deep spiral of short comings that would result in me dropping out of school. However, this was not the case. I spent alot of time on my drafts and rereading my paper over and over again. When the time came to turn the final draft in, I took a deep breathe and thrust my portfolio into the center of the table and thought, well this is the beginning of my demise. Time past, we got our papers back. I actually ended up getting a rather good grade which excited me beyond belief. I am capable of decent writing, and it turns out I don't even need to drop out of college yet. Thanks zach!


it's very cold out. Today, i was walking to class and almost blew over. That was real fun. I can't help but get extreamley depressed when this cold weather means that winter is on its way and it's only going to be getting ten times worse by the time good ole January rolls around. I've lived in Minnesota my whole life and I don't know why i dispise this so much. When that time comes, i really don't know where my motivation is going to come from to actually get out of my warm bed and go walk to class when the mercury says its approximatley -20 out. 2nd semester attendance for me should be very very interesting. I HATE this cold weather!!!!

October 6, 2006

i hate the moon

for my astronomy class i have to do 15 recorded moon observations by the end of the semester. Last friday we had 3 of them due. So, i entered all my data in online and thought i was good to go. Little did i know i also had to turn in a hard copy of the observations to my TA. Sweet, i didnt know that. So now i'm 9 points behind in the class and pissed off that i could make such a stupid error like not handing something in that i had finished. ARGHHHHH. Well i have 9 observations due next friday so hopefully i can get them all turned in so that i can pass this wonderful class that i call astronomy. fun.