The First Iteration

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Well, it started off good.

We met well over a week before the deadline and we started laying out the basic structure. We had a giant whiteboard at our disposal and a whole bunch of snacks. We drew out outlines of what we needed, what the program should look like, and (although this was a little early) a few links to implementation 2, and once we had a basic idea of how things were getting implemented we were ready to start test cases. My partner and I actually work together in IT, we always worked well together so the entire night went well.

It was right here where things began to slide downhill.

Unfortunately I was unable to work on Saturday but my partner was adamant about keeping ahead of schedule, he wanted to get a head start and I agreed. The plan was to work remotely together on Sunday and meet together on Monday, but I was hit with the flu. My mind was dead, I must've slept over 36 hours. My partner kept at it through the weekend and by Monday night I took a look at the code...

it was... not exactly what I expected...

I never really realized this, but working together and coding together are two very different things. Our coding styles were basically the same, but our methods and implementations were vastly different. I won't dare write out a line unless I know it will work, it will be useful, and I wouldn't be made fun of if I showed it off in the ACM. (They have high standards in there)
I always noticed this about my partner, but he liked to work. He was one of the hardest workers in the office. He likes visible progress and the code... definitely showed a lot of visible work. He apparently stayed up until 3 AM working at one point. I... I could kinda tell... There were points in the code where it seems like he put mountains of work into (what seemed to me) unnecessary things. Instead of coding, I did a lot of editing, a lot of re-implementation, I felt like I had a lot of catch up. He definitely knew the language and he knew his stuff but... Really what ended up happening was he did his thing, and then I did mine. Bugs began to ensue and issues began to arise and before we knew it the deadline was fast approaching.

I think for the next iteration we're going to work together, in the same room at the same time. Period. It was what was originally planned and when you're coding with someone for the first time, it's a REALLY good idea. I'm treating breaking up the code in any way, shape, or form, as an advanced technique that we are not ready to master. It just really stinks that we were forced into it because of a stupid flu and an amazing work ethic.

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It sounds like the form of your group's collaboration was not as smooth-sailing as you would have liked. But, I think it's admirable that your partner worked on the project while you had the flu. I agree that perhaps it may be better to work in the same room at the same time but I think you also have to consider instances where your schedules just don't match, then I guess you'd have to talk to each other about how you'd like to code and what you guys would actually like to get done when you are forced to work separately.

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