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Two people killed in Brooklyn Park, arrests still unclear

Two people were killed last Tuesday in Brooklyn Park, by gunshots fired into their car as they were waiting in an apartment complex parking lot.
Ja'Naurri Allen, 18 and Mosetta Peters, 21 of New Brighton were waiting in an apartment complex parking. According to the Star Tribune,, the police described the motive of the slayings as a domestic dispute.
While there is no contention that the killings occurred on Tuesday by gunshots into a car, there are differing reports on the number of suspects arrested in the case. The Star Tribune maintains that three people have been arrested as of January 22, 2007. The Pioneer Press,, on the other hand, reports only two people arrested in connection with the crime.
Up to four people could have been involved according to the police in the Pioneer Press story, whereas five suspects are mentioned by the Star Tribune.
While both stories give the basic framework of information, though differing on a couple key points, the Star Tribune presents a longer story with multiple sources. The Star Tribune used interviews to deepen the story and give the reader more information and insight into the incident.
The Pioneer Press article reads like a very routine hard news story. It ended its article with information about the shell casings found at the scene of the crime that "indicated at least two weapons may have been used in the shooting: a 9 mm pistol and an assault rifle."
Whereas the Star Tribune injects humanity into the story by using a paraphrase from Peters' sister toward the end of the article before a plea for help from the public. On a whole the Star Tribune article focused more on the possible motives of the crime, and the people involved.
While the differing approaches to covering the story are interesting, an answer for how many people are actually in custody for this crime is still unclear.