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Fight! Fight! Fight!... But Not in the Middle of the Road

Drivers on I-694 were delayed 20 minutes on Wednesday when two women stopped their car in the center lane of west bound traffic and began fighting. State troopers arrived on the scene and broke the fight up, both woman were arrested for disorderly conduct.
The Star Tribune covered the story, although it was not covered by the Pioneer Press nor MPR. The Star Tribune story gives a detailed account of the incident as well as quotes one of the arresting officers on the bizarre nature of the event.
WCCO-TV did cover the story, and presented the information along with traffic camera footage of the event itself, showing the state troopers breaking up the scene and the traffic that was forced to go around.
The story itself might not have been covered by the Pioneer Press or MPR because it was a small blip compared to other issues, although it is an example of an interesting event that one could write a decent story about from a police report due to its bizarre nature.