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Metro Transit Buses Become Sites for Violence

A 16-year-old boy was shot in the chest on a metro transit city bus early Sunday morning. The shooting was the third such violent attack ending in death or serious injury on a city bus since March. The shooting was apparently spurred on by a dispute among two groups of young people. Despite this, according to the Star Tribune, there are no apparent gang ties.
The shooting occured in St. Paul, and the Pioneer Press expectantly interviewed the immediate family of the victim, although kept the syntax short and used fairly average quotations. While the shooting took place in St. Paul, the reporting was bare bones.
Despite the shortcomings of the Pioneer Press article the Star Tribune lacked interviews with any of the immediate family, and instead quoted the legal guardian of the boy from her interview with KMSP-TV Channel 9. Though, despite this the Star Tribune did manage to interview a vast array of sources for their coverage of the story. The Star Tribune reported in detail the other events of violence on the metro transit buses, as well as the reaction of the public on the recent acts of violence.