May 12, 2006

Final Project

My final project was a portfolio web site, which you can access here.

April 27, 2006

Jochem Hendricks


While I was going through the “Digital Art� by Christiane Paul, the image of a woman “reading� a bunch of lines in the newspaper caught my attention. The work is called “Eye� and it is done by German artist Jochem Hendricks. Those lines are a representation of eye movements and they are captured, digitized and printed out. In that way, the process of reading, normally invisible to us, is made visible. One interested thing is that the paper was printed out and was available together with the regular daily edition of “Frankfurter Allgemenine.�

The newspaper project is just one in a series of so-called “eye-drawings� Hendricks was working on for years. He used eye-tracking system to draw, or, in other words, he was just moving his eyes to make the shapes of objects, while the system was capturing the movement of his eyes. This was his way to show us that eyes are not only perception organs, but they can also express in the same way hand and words can.


Hendricks’a other works are quite unusual as he was using unconventional processes to create art. For his “Cold birds� he had dead birds converted to the carbon, then to graphite, and finally to synthetic diamond. In the similar way, he used amputated leg og a soccer player to make a diamond for his project “Left Defender Right Leg.� I am not so impressed by those works, as they look too weird to me, but I would definitely like to experience eye drawing!

More of Hendricks' works can be seen here.

Biography about this artist can be found here.

Pottery Project

pottery copy.jpg

This is my new project, which is a combination of 3D and 2D digital design. FOr the 3D part, I used Rhino 3.0 software, and for the rest I used Photoshop CS. I had a great time while I was doing this, because it was a completely new thing - I have never tried to combine 3D and 2D design. This is something that I will be experimenting in the future.