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From Smoke-Free Buildings to Smoke-Free Cars

Legislature viewed a bill Thursday that would prohibit smoking in cars containing children.

As reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the bill, written by Rep. Nora Slawik, "would make it illegal to smoke in cars while driving with passengers younger than 18, treating it as a moving violation," and resulting in a $100 fine.

However, police would not be able to pull over drivers for solely violating the smoking ban, instead treating is as a secondary offense. The violation would only be ticketed if the driver were pulled over for a different reason.

Slawik, an avid supporter of the Freedom to Breathe Act (FTB), is looking forward to adding Minnesota to the growing list of states that have already passed the bill.

With the support from FTB activists and the bill's upcoming presentation to the Senate, Slawik hopes to soon achieve her goal of, as she told the Star Tribune, "a generation of healthier kids."