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Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

A Mankato woman recently donated used soccer jerseys to needy children in Bangladesh.

According to, Mankato United's youth soccer fundraising coordinator, Kari Halbur, has found a solution for the growing pile of used youth soccer jerseys that collects in Mankato homes. Founded by Muhit Rahman, the Bangladesh Relief Fund collects used uniforms from around the country and ships them to various locations in Bangladesh.

Halbur found the program after searching online, and the jerseys were shipped across the ocean a few days later. The Mankato jerseys were scattered among the children of Bangladesh, from Panchagarh Government High School to the village where Rahman was born and raised.

The generous donations made by the families of Mankato are just a few of the nationwide sets of jerseys Rahman has received. Halbur hopes the donations from Mankato United's youth soccer teams to Rahman's "great program" will continue.

As reported, "With all the stuff going on in the world and with the sort of divisions that exist," Rahman said, "I just believe that, in the karma of the universe, something good happens when people share."