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Analysis (Week of 4/20)

For this week's analysis entry, I looked at an "5.5 SECONDS," an article from The Washington Post.

The author, a journalist for the Washington Post, uses extensive computer skills to organize facts about the case. A timeline with 360 degree views of different points in the incident is used with interactive links showing where the officer fled and where the suspect died. Below the pictorial timeline is a detailed written timeline accompanied by related audio from police radio dispatches and 911 calls.

The author also includes a link to an in-depth ICR from the police department involved in the case. Evidence is also provided on gun details, ShotSpotter sensors, police memos, autopsy findings, a police interview, and other key documents. A 3-dimensional map of the crime scene is included with details on specific locations, physical evidence, and various measurements of movement patterns. A video entitled "A Father's Grief" is also included. The video is an interview with the victim's father, including pictures of the boy.

The journalist obviously has a great set of computer skills. She was able to compile a great deal of evidence through public records, photographs and film footage. She also created numerous views of the crime scene through 360 degree photographs and a 3-dimensional diagram.