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"Beekeeping legalized in Minneapolis"

According to The Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously agreed to lift a 34-year-old ban on apiaries within city limits Friday.

Council Member Diane Hofstede proposed the lift, which requires prospective beekeepers to have applications approved. The applications should be available around June 1.

Qualifications for application approval depend on the size of the beekeepers' lots. If lots are more than 4 acres, "keepers will need consent from all property owners within 150 feet of the hives and 80 percent of the owners within 250 feet of the hives," The Star Tribune reports.

On typical city lots, beekeepers will need to obtain "consenting signatures from all abutting property owners," and 80 percent of the owners within 100 feet of their property.

No more than two hives are allowed to be kept on a typical city lot. The lot would need to be surrounded by a fence and, as written by The Star Tribune, have "flyaways devised with barriers to get bees to altitude quickly when the hive is near a property line."

Beekeepers would also be required to get schooling and a city permit. Initially, the permit would cost $100, and would cost $50 annually.