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"Chewing gum may raise math grades in teens"

As reported by Yahoo! News, "chewing gum may boost academic performance in teenagers," according to a study, funded by Wrigley, released Wednesday by U.S. researchers.

Craig Johnston and his group from Houston's Baylor College of Medicine found that "students who chewed gum during math class had higher scores on standardized math test after 14 weeks and better grades at the end of the term than student in the class who did not chew gum."

The research team studied 108 math students, ages 13 to 16 years. The students attended a charter school in Houston, Texas.

Approximately half of the students were given Wrigley's sugar-free gum to chew during class, tests and homework. The other half of students were given nothing.

Gil Leveille, executive director of the Wrigley Science Institute, said he thinks "chewing gum helps reduce stress so students can do their best work."