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Man charged with trying to start fire at Mall of America

"A 24-year-old Minneapolis man is accused of three felonies from two incidents in which he allegedly made terroristic threats and tried to start a fire at the Mall of America," according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Andrew Nietz was taken to the Hennepin County Jail Thursday, with one charge of arson and two of terroristic threats.

Nietz told police officers he had an "incendiary device" at the mall April 1. That day, "a backpack loaded with an aerosol can had exploded and caught fire in the third-floor transit area," the Star Tribune reported.

According to the complaint, Nietz told officers "he was a terrorist, that he had rocket-propelled grenades and that he knew all about guns."

On Tuesday, was accused of attempting to light transit brochures on fire. He told security officers that he was a terrorist and that he had explosives.

The suspect confessed to the both incidents and threats he made towards police and security officers in a police interview.