April 26, 2009

"Bombings kill nearly 90 in Iraq"

As reported by CNN, "Suicide bombers in Iraq launched two deadly attacks Thursday killing at least 55 people in Diyala province and at least 28 people in Baghdad, an Interior Ministry official said."

The bomber in Diyala detonated his explosive vest at a restaurant in Imam Wais, more than 40 miles northeast of Baghdad.

In addition to the 55 fatalities, the bombing injured 67 others. An Interior official said the attack targeted Iranian pilgrims. The pilgrims had stopped for lunch at the restaurant where the bomber attacked.

The bomber in Baghdad, who was female, "attacked a crowd of National Police," according to CNN. The bombing killed 28 people, both police and civilians, and wounded 52.

April 19, 2009

"At least 20 killed in Pakistan suicide bombing"

A suicide bomber killed at least 20 people and wounded 15 others in Pakistan on Saturday.

Fatalities included soldiers, civilians and police, and more than 11 military vehicles were damaged.

The bomber "rammed his vehicle into a security forces convoy," CNN reported.

The incident occurred in the village of Doaba in Islamabad. According to Farid Khan, deputy police superintendent in the Hangu District of North West Frontier Province, the attack was near a security checkpoint.

April 12, 2009

"Fifth body part 'from same man'"

According to BBC News, a man's torso was found Saturday in a ditch in England, belonging to the same victim whose other body parts were found across the country.

The torso was found inside a suitcase near the main A10 road.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that the torso, found in Ware, Hertfordshire, is connected to "an ongoing joint murder investigation taking place between detectives in the Bedordshire and Hertfordshire major crime unit and detectives in Leicestershire."

The unidentified victim's legs, forearm and head were each previously found in different locations.

April 5, 2009

"Five Suicide Bombers Attack Afghan Provincial Council"

According to the New York Times, five suicide bombers bombed an Afghani government office Wednesday morning, killing 13 people and wounding 14 others.

The provincial council office in Kandahar was attacked when one bomber detonated a car bomb and others invaded the building with rifle and hand grenades.

“A number of officials were present in the main hall for the final day of a seminar being conducted by the National Democratic Institute,” the New York Times wrote.

Fatalities included two provincial health and education officials, police and council workers.

Witnesses, including provincial council member Haji Agha Lali, said the bombers were dressed in Afghan National Army uniforms.

“We heard a loud explosion,” he said. The men then entered the building and “started shooting everywhere.”

The Taliban was responsible for the attack, as reported by one of its spokesmen. This was their second attack on the city this year.

The previous incident occurred at the city’s main prison. A truck bomb was detonated and attackers stormed the prison. Hundreds of prisoners were freed and 15 guards were killed.

Ahmed Wali Karzai, the leader of the provincial council and brother of President Hamid Karzai, said the bombers were trying to kill the provincial council members. The council members were targeted because they were “working to help the people and provide a bridge between the government and the disenchanted population,” the New York Times reported.

“For them the member are an obstacle and that’s why they are targeting them with such a big plan,” he said.

March 29, 2009

Lights go out across planet for Earth Hour

Lights went out in major cities around the world in honor of Earth Hour Sunday.

According to, "millions of homes and businesses in major cities went dark for one hour in a symbolic gesture to highlight concerns over climate change."

All around the world, famous landmarks went dark. The Sydney Opera House, China's "Bird's Nest" Olympic Stadium and the face of the Big Ben clock tower are a few of those that participated.

World Wildlife Fund CEO Carter Roberts told CNN that he anticipated 100 million participants.

"We need to take action now," said Roberts. "The world is watching to see what America is going to do, because if America acts on climate change, the world will follow."

March 15, 2009

"4 tourists killed, 3 injured in Yemen bombing"

According to, "Four tourists were killed and three injured Sunday when a bomb exploded in the Yemeni city of Al Shibam."

The four fatalities were citizens of South Korea. Although they had died on the scene, they were brought to the hospital immediately following the incident. Of the three injured, one was in serious condition, and their nationality was not determined.

"The explosion occurred about 7:30 p.m.," said Hakim Al-Masmari, editor-in-chief of the Daily Yemen Post. Masmari, who got his information from on-the-scene correspondents, said that the bomb could be hear more than 2 miles away.

The seven tourists had been taking pictures of Shibam when the bomb was detonated.

As reported by, terrorists have not been excluded.

March 8, 2009

"Suicide bomber targets Iraqi police, 32 killed"

A suicide bomber killed 32 people in Baghdad at the entrance of the city's main police academy Sunday.

According to MSNBC, the blast was "the second major attack to hit Iraqis in three days and the deadliest to strike Bahdad in nearly a month."

The bomber detonated his explosives while driving his motorcycle into a group of people near the side of the academy.

The victims killed included 19 special guard recruits, nine policemen, four traffic police and approximately 60 others were wounded.

A few hours after the explosion, the U.S. military announced that 12,000 American and 4,000 British troops will vacate Iraq by September.

Maj. Gen. David Perkins said the troop withdrawals will "reduce U.S. combat power from 14 brigades to 12 along with some supporting units."

"It's indicative that al-Qaida feels threatened. They're feeling desperate. They want very much to maintain relevance," he said.

March 1, 2009

"Romanian plane survives emergency"

A plane made an emergency landing in Romania on Saturday, injuring none of its passengers.

The plane, belonging to Romanian airline Carpatair, was forced to land at Timisoara International Airport after the landing gear jammed. It was in transit from Chisinau to Timisoara.

According to BBC, the pilots, Yuri Lyakhov and Leonid Babinsky, circled the Saab 2000 around the airport for almost two hours in order to use up fuel. The plane finally landed with its nose down on a 200 yard foam bed.

There were 47 passengers and 4 crew members on the flight. The passengers included Romanians, Moldovans, Germans, Italians and Greeks.

No one on board was injured.

"We did our job without feeling like heroes. We weren't scared. We are trained for these kinds of situations," Lyakhov said.

February 22, 2009

"Australia mourns bushfire vitcims"

A mourning service was held at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on Sunday to honor those who died in Australia's recent bushfires.

According to, more than 200 people died on Feb. 7, a day now known as Black Saturday. The fires that destroyed homes, land and lives are now the subject of Australia's "biggest-ever" arson investigation. reported that "one man has already been charged with starting one of the blazes and police suspect arson in at least one other case."

The 50,000 mourning service attendees included Princess Anne, on Queen Elizabeth II's behalf, Australian dignitaries and "fire survivors and rescue personnel." Lasting 90 minutes, the ceremony "included a minute's silence as well as performances by choirs from across Victoria."

Black Saturday will forever be an annual national day of mourning for Australians, with flags flying at half mast.

"Today we are united in grief, but we are also united in our determination to recover, to rebuild, and we will rebuild," Victoria Premier John Brumby said. "And we will remember today and into the future all of those who lost their lives, and who gave so much on Black Saturday."

February 15, 2009

13-Year-Old Boy Fathers Child

Two children gave birth to a baby girl four days ago in the United Kingdom.

According to TimesOnline, Alfie Patten, 13, and girlfriend Chantelle Steadman, 15, conceived their daughter after the two had unprotected sex. It was Patten's first time having sexual intercourse.

"When my mum found out, I thought I was going to get in trouble. We wanted to have the baby but were worried about how people would react," Patten said.

Patten and Steadman, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, found out about the pregnancy after 12 weeks, and hid it from their parents for six more.

"[Alfie] said I should tell my mum but I was too scared," Steadman said.

Patten wanted to be the first to hold his child after birth. His father, said that Alfie "does not really understand the gravity of the situation - but seemed to want to be a good father," as written by TimesOnline.

Patten, who has not gone through puberty yet and is only 4ft tall, is a "typical 13-year-old boy."

The young couple is lucky to have supportive families, and are relying enormously on their parents for help.

"When you mention money his eyes look away. And she is reliant on her mum and dad. It's crazy. They have no idea what lies ahead," Patten's father said.

Steadman's mother said she was happy to be a grandmother, but wished it was in "different circumstances."

"She's my daughter. I love her and she will want for nothing."

The couple is looking forward to learning about parenthood, and raising their daughter Maise Roxanne.

"I'll be a great mum and Alfie will be a great dad," Steadman said.

February 8, 2009

"Poison in Teething Drug Kills 84 Nigerian Children"

According to, 84 Nigerian children died after "ingesting teething medicine that contained a solvent typically found in antifreeze, the country's health minister said Friday."

My Pikin has sickened approximately 111 infants and young, from 2 months old to 7 years, children since November.

"The death of any Nigerian child is a great loss to the nation," Osotimehin said.

Various tests on the "tainted batch" of the teething medicine have revealed a large amount of diethylene glycol, which is "used in some antifreeze and brake fluid." Ingesting the substance can harm the heart, kidney and nervous system, and even cause death, Health Minister Babtunde Osotimehin said.

Barewa Pharmaceutical Ltd officials have been "charged with negligence," and Nigeria National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control has shut the company down, as reported by

February 1, 2009

Nursing Home Fire Kills Seven

At least seven people killed and eighteen missing after a nursing home fire Sunday in Russia.

CNN reported that Russian media said that "authorities were slow to report the fire, making it more difficult for firefighters to battle the blaze in a building engulfed in flames when they arrived."

According to Irina Valentinova, a spokeswoman with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Services, specific details are still being uncovered.

Because several fires have broken out recently in various state-run facilities in Russia, President Dmitry Medvedev "ordered the Russian prosecutor general's office to conduct an investigation of the fire," as written by CNN.

The cause of the nursing home fire is still unknown, and the number of deaths is feared to increase.