Chris, Week 3, Personal Artist Statement

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My artistic practice began as a young boy wandering the woods and alleys of the small Wisconsin town I grew up in. While collecting mysterious bits of discarded treasure on my adventures I was overcome with a great sense of awe. I placed these objects in my sock drawer, saving them for a purpose unknown. Revisiting the treasures years later I am still struck with wonder while considering the form, purpose, and material of my discoveries. I am instilled with the same sensation of wonder when breaking off each bit of hard shell surrounding the metal castings I create. I make Art in order to share the sense of awe I felt as a boy and continue to search for today.

While attending St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota I fueled my desire to create Art. By the end of my sophomore year I found myself spending night and day in the studios. After receiving a BA in Studio Art in 2009, my professors elected me to continue my education in their department for a fifth year. My extra year at St. Olaf was spent creating two bodies of work for exhibition, helping with Art Department operations, and engaging the undergraduate students. Devoting my time to making Art and being part of an Art community has strengthened my passion to pursue a life of art and academia.
The focus of my Art is rooted in materials, methods and techniques of making. Utilizing a myriad of processes to manipulate materials is at the core of what I explore. The variety of methods I use to create Art are as influential as my subjects. I am constantly working to understand my perceptions of the world around me by searching for details which hearken back to my childhood discoveries. My Art involves interpreting an idea or experience and presenting it in an elemental fashion. In order to simplify my ideas, I cut out extra visual material which can distract from my intentions. My current work revolves around my small aluminum foundry and forms I study while employed at an industrial iron foundry.

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