Emily, Week 2: intentions

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Personal Practice:
My work is about rethinking how public spaces are used as places to live, interact, and be inspired. I have used alternative landscapes, new media, and temporary architecture to create experiences in space, and am investigating how shared memories affect the quality of a place.

Though my background is in architecture and I've completed a Masters in Landscape Architecture, the trajectory of my career is leading me into the realm of public art. I see the Graduate Minor in Art as a means of grounding myself in the discipline of artmaking, and intend to use this class as a moment to reflect on the work I've been creating and interpret it within a larger context or momentum. I recently participated in a few alternative projects over the summer, and find myself swinging in an in-between place. Though it's perfectly fun, the time must come to slow down, look around, and figure out where I am.

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Self Syllabus:

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