Emily, Week 4: Artist Statement (09/2012)

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The Mississippi River is my source, and I'm its faithful follower. I wander along its wild banks, and witness the subtle way my world is changing around me. It is usually momentary, a leaf's lazy looping as it makes its way to the forest floor, and often seasonal, when the first fall frost halts the cricket's summer song mid-verse. Occasionally the change is momentous, like when the river overflows its edges and washes the land away. And if I'm really paying attention, I can imagine the invisible change as the soil shifts imperceptibly, giving way to microbial appetites. I walk and I watch and I try to bear witness.

Two thousand miles downstream, the river fans out and meets the ocean in an ever-changing land of flux. Much as the nature of the delta can only be understood by comparing many static moments into an impression of its movement, I seek to capture moments and experiences and aggregate them into an expression of Change Over Time (or, as scientists may prefer, Δ/T). The physical and social phenomena of change in our environment may appear to be isolated incidents until they are transformed into a dynamic glimpse of reality.

In my work, I negotiate the tangible and intangible, the object with the experience, and the necessary with the wonder of it all. The structure of my practice is mobile and mutable, creating not just the space for an extraordinary experience but a place where the ordinary can be acknowledged and appreciated. I like to explore questions with answers that Δ/T:

1. Accumulation is to decay as a crowd is to __________________

2. Dinner is to harvest as flow is to __________________

3. Streets are to sewer as bluff is to __________________

4. Television is to recliner as view is to __________________

5. Canopy is to roots as market is to __________________

6. Traffic is to overpass as eddy is to __________________

7. Yeast is to growth as cave is to __________________

8. Mine is to brick as river is to __________________

9. Sediment is to flood as kitchen is to __________________

10. Seed is to scavenge as trash is __________________

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There is something very tactile about your statement. There is a sensuous feeling of the river and all its organic idiosyncrasies. The tone is conversational in a whimsical narrative sort of way, captivating in a brief moment someone’s attention to regale them with tales of an exploration through a tiny wilderness.

“I seek to capture moments and experiences and aggregate them into an expression of Change Over Time (Δ/T)"

This is such an interesting sentence. The symbolic rephrasing of change over time adds a visual element that I find quite complimentary to your statement. In reading

“The structure of my practice is mobile and mutable…”
This is echoed throughout in the change and shifts in the scene in the first paragraph and in the description in the second paragraph.

I’m not sure I fully understand the function of the blank analogy phrases. But in the sense that I understand them I see it as an opportunity for the audience to investigate and interact with the statement. Which can identify with your idea of changing over time, the interpretation of these analogies will change over time.

The only thing that I am missing is a clear sense of your practice in an. I feel like I have a sense of you and your process but I want to know what is a result from this negotiation and exploration?

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