Erin Paradis- Week 2 self syllabus, context

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Self Syllabus

List One
1 history
2 travel
3 industry
4 worn
5 music
6 research
7 structures
8 artistic growth
9 personal growth
10 memory
11 geometric shapes
12 inspiration

List two
1 -My past and how I came to be who I am through my experiences.
-History in the buildings that become a part of my daily life and what types of feelings that I get from them. How does that inform my daily story?
-History in the sense of seeing the physical ware and use of these structures that I become fascinated with.
2 -Traveling abroad and witnessing the expansive history that has lived in one country.
-Traveling with in the US and relocating to 4 different states in the last 4 years. How has that shaped me and my work? How does each city transform my collected imagery which then reflects in my work?
3 -Industrial scenes intrigue me not so much for the product that is made their but the machinery and buildings that are used to make those products. Industrial sites have shapes and that are different than those shapes that would be in other structures. These shapes create interesting new imagery.
-The collected images of the spaces transfer into simplified drawings
4 -rugged, weather, layering, use, being lived in/lived with
5 -music in my own studio propelling my studio practice
-shows; experience of live music and seeing artists that have inspired you in your studio and in life
-podcasts, listening to stories
6 -past ceramic artists
-contemporary ceramic artists
-readings on psychological affects of architecture
-compiling recipes for clays, glazes, ceramic materials
7 -buildings themselves and how they function as a structure; what's their purpose, what was their purpose
8 -seeing my own artistic growth and getting excited about it and starting to visualize its evolution, which then propels my work to grow even more
9 -seeing who I was in the different cities I've lived in and where I've come personally; has each place made that happen or would that have happened if I stayed in one town?
10 -memory of lives lived in buildings
-memory of myself around those buildings
11 -simplification, basics, yet have a "weight" to them when they are simplified in my drawings
12 -inspiration from experiences and how that excitement might move my work or slow it down


There are definite periods of rapid progressions in my ceramic work and other periods of slower moving development. Much of the progression has to do with my frequent travel. I take imagery from these travels and the spaces I live in to inform my work. I am intrigued with how the spaces affect me not just artistically but personally and how each new place aids in my development and growth in these two ways.
I use a series of tools and steps to get to my finished results. Through travel, documentation, printing, xeroxing, drawing, and painting, I achieve an image that then informs my ceramic work. From there, slab, coil, or thrown processes give me the surface I want to then decorate on. I use multiple methods and materials to achieve the surface I desire on my work.

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