Erin Paradis, Week 2, Intentions

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My objectives for my MFA are to have extensive progression in my work, solidifying my ideas and my processes. I would like to investigate further the relationship between my sculptural ideas and how they relate to my functional pots. It is very important and pertinent to me to have these two forms of working, and having the time in a program like this to fully explore both ways of creating is exciting. I want to take advantage of this time and the resources I now have to help me work through my thoughts with out much limitation. Having some barriers in the way to access tools like a table saw or receiving a critique from a professional in the past, I want to be in touch with what is offered to me here. Not just as the U of M but Minneapolis.
I would also like to develop my voice in talking about and writing about art. There is much for me to work on and I would like to better articulate myself when it comes to discussions, critiques, and writings.
Establishing myself with in the ceramics community even further is also a goal of mine. I would obviously like to do that with my work but also with the skills I would like to learn to become a professor and teacher. Even if I don't end up in an academic setting, I would like to learn the tools to put me in a position at a residency program or other artistic program.

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