Erin Paradis, Week 2, Label

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Grandmother's Drum Table:

Placed in the corner of my dining room in my new apartment, my grandmother's beautiful drum table sits. Atop the dark polished wood is a hand made cloth with colorful detailed stitching that my great grandmother made, fitting the round top perfectly. Somehow I received this beautiful piece of furniture after my grandmother's passing.
Growing up going to my grandmother's house for holidays and special occasions throughout the years, a large 1970's gold lamp always stood in the middle of the table. Along side it, three or four jars of candy ranging from gummy bears to snickers and packets of m&m's, were always filled and ready for visitors. I loved grabbing candy from this table for an afternoon treat or an evening sweet tooth craving even after dessert. Inside the small drawer with the tiny metal handle were the decks of cards that we would play rummy with, being the favorite card game of my grandmother.
Having the table in my house now, in every passing, I am reminded of not just those memories of sweets and games, but also the memories of my family's happy gatherings in her apartment.

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