Intentions and Label.

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My intentions for grad school is to experiment, to take risks, to make work that I wouldn't have done otherwise. Try other mediums, sculpture, painting, drawing, video, printmaking, ceramics. To not be scared to make bad work as long as I'm making work. To learn to be patient with process, with myself and to enjoy the slowness of how much sometimes things take to make. To trust my thoughts, and intuition and to not second guess myself when is time to be sure about things. To learn to ask for guidance when lost. Be open to critique from people who have different aesthetics styles, different opinions. To take classes outside my field, psychology, sociology, American Studies, anthropology, media studies, etc. Learn Italian fully. To practice public speaking, attempt to become comfortable at it. To not be shy to network. To apply to grants. To only be in shows only when I feel something needs to be shown. To maybe make a website. Maybe. To indulge myself in art making. To be the kind of teacher to my students that I know I have connected with, and learned much from. To learn from my students, to enjoy their art making process. To have fun, travel, go somewhere far for a summer. To photograph. To not photograph. To write, write, write. Read, read, read, etc.

Label for my Apt.

Location is 307 Cedar Ave. S, Apt, Minneapolis, MN, 55454. Rent is 705 plus $50 for parking. One bedroom. The location is convenient, yet not my dream location of choice if I didn't have to attend school. I also would have not probably moved to Minneapolis if I didn't attend school here. Bathroom is located outside of unit. This is inconvenient when I need to use the restroom in the middle of the night. It entitles to put some kind of clothing every time I need to use the restroom; unless I manage to run really quickly and my neighbors don't happen to see me run naked to the bathroom. The purpose of this place is to provide shelter, warmth, protect me from outside irritants such as and not limited to, dirt, rain, snow, trash, rudeness, bad smells, crime, violence, etc. The last part is questionable. There were 5 gun shots outside my apartment three nights ago. The apartment did protect me from actually getting shot , so no qualms there. My big windows also let outside odors come to the apartment, and my sofa has been rained on if I forget to close my windows. The lease is up at 12:00 noon on July 31, 2013.

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