Josh, Week 4, Label

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New Thermos
I bought a thermos, and it has changed my life. Accessibility to a hot beverage during several intervals of the day is a heavenly concept. What was I doing with my life before this glorious thermos came waltzing into my routine? I am also receiving more doses of caffeine as a result of my new best friend. This keeps me productive, but the frequency of bathroom breaks also seems to be on the rise. Although, with the caffeine boosters, it is a quick paced walk to the lavatory. I feel like I can go anywhere now that I have a hot, liquid burst of energy in my backpack, but I find myself just going to the studio where I ponder when I will drink my next cup. Perhaps this is getting out of hand. This thermos is controlling my routine. Sinister little hunk of metal how I bow to your demands. Your material permanence intimidates me, and your shiny, sleek exterior leaves me green with envy. You must be destroyed. Oh. Wait. It's time for another cup.

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I saw your awesome thermos, but before reading this I wasn't aware of the central role it's playing in your life right now!

May you two have many happy years together!

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