Mara Duvra: Week 4 Artist statement

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Mara, I enjoyed your artist's statement. It was thoughtful and full of great discriptives. I had a hard time seeing the Mara in there, Who are you, What drives you to make this work? You mentioned that various states of movement as well as the body at rest are compelling, Why? What is it? What is MARA trying to say exactly, Where are her creative ideas coming from? I wanted to know more about how you arrived at this body of work.

This emotional state is palpable when it is forever fixed for the viewer to lean in and examine.-love this sentence!

"The cathartic experience of witnessing the emotional states of others makes the viewer a voyeur and participant in creating the background story that makes these images tangible."

I think this is a very powerful statement, I especially like the first part of the sentence but how is the viewer a participant in creating a back ground story exactly?
I would avoid repeating certain words as not to sound as though you are repeating yourself, ie: emotive, ephemeral, female figure.

I fell that overall, you have omitted yourself. It seems that it is easy for you to talk about the work but not about yourself as the artist creating the work. I feel that that an artist statement is a clear and concise illustration between you and your work.
easier said then done....... don't i know.....

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