Will Lakey - week two - Context to my practice

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http://antonylakeyaviationartist.com/ (just to be thorough, its not particularly relevant)

My practice consists of drawings and paintings on a variety of found surfaces, homemade surfaces, and more recently in site specific locations.

I source the images I make from the media, personal photographs, and occasionally objects or scenes. I choose images and subjects without thinking too hard about why. If something catches my eye, I think it might be fun to draw, or it marks an interesting story, I take it and work from it. I am trying to create work that contains insignificant reflections of my character/personality. They sit at the outer edge of meaning but for me mostly represent a kind of distant tide line that marks a point of contact with the world.

I work quickly and honestly (I avoid making corrections if I can). I like to keep my paint and linework simple.

The process of reproduction involves a period of intense study of the image I have chosen. This enables me to engage with the image more intensely than I would ordinarily, or might be expected depending upon the context in which I found it.

Over the last few years I have begun experimenting with methods of display, organising my pieces into panels, columns, and other arrangements by attaching them to wires strung between points. This lifts them off the wall and into space. I hope this resists a traditional 2D reading of the work and gives them more presence in space that they might lack if attached flat to a wall. It also makes it possible for the viewer to see the reverse of the surface the image is on.

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