Beth: Week 5, analysis of classmate's statement

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When I first read Kevin's artist statement it caught me off guard, and I sent him an email to tell him how much I liked it. Its form is unexpected, because he begins by describing a friend's tragic death. By telling us how he found his way to his friend's authentic story, he shows us his own. Kevin moves us through the more oblique ideas by mentioning his use of the "subjective, personal, and ephemeral", and then gets specific with "the shape of his knuckles, the texture of his hair, tiny idiosyncrasies of his posture and gait." He lays out the backstory and lets the reader follow it naturally so we can understand his motivations.

Without seeing his films, I think he has already answered a question I often want to ask an artist: Tell me what I'm looking at. Kevin reveals this simply by setting the stage and softly opening the curtain. This does precisely what I want a statement to do - it makes me want to view his work.

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