Beth, week 5: catalog entry

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Still at Sissinghurst. zzzzzzzz. They call it Sissinghurst Castle, but seriously, where's the castle part? Some writer lived here and they said something about Virginia Woolf who we learned about last semester, remember? I wasn't really listening. Tomorrow we finallyfinallyfinally get to go up to London to see some play at a theee-ah-tuh. Looks lame, though. BTW I'm pretending to work on my essay so I might have to stop quickly, and this will have to be short because we have to meet in the oast house in a minute. That's the thing I told you about that kind of looks like a windmill and has something to do with beer. I kept saying oats but that biotch told me I was wrong. Anyway, this other lady came up to me and asked if I would write about what we've been doing here on this study abroad trip. She heard that we were learning about the garden and writing about what we see. Mike said it was ok and that I could do it instead of writing a poem about Sissinghurst, or else I could do both and he'd give me extra credit. Well I'm not doing a stupid poem, right?

The lady wanted to know how an American high school student liked this place and stuff, but then she showed me a kinda creepy picture that I'm supposed to think about as I write. It's some old lady standing in the White Garden here at Sissinghurst. Seriously, I told you about that part, and in this pic it isn't even white! There are like no flowers in it and this old chick is just staring at something. It looks like she's trying to figure out how to get through a maze but everything is so short she could just step over it. And it's black and white! Freelz! Who shoots a picture of a garden in black and white? Check it out here.

This lady said if what I write is good she'll include it in the thingy they're printing to go with some exhibition. It's kinda funny cuz I've been here for only like 6 days, I really don't know what's going on, and something I write might be printed! I feel all official.

LMFAO! Zach and Justin stripped and peed into the canal this morning - they looked just like statues! Caitlin took pics - she said she'll put them up on FB. Hope they're not banned. Ooh Zach. Totes adorbs, right? My laptop is screwed so I hope you get this cuz I dropped my bag when I tripped yesterday. These sidewalk things that go all over the place are bumpy and I wore my fab orange platforms. Duh. I don't know why they don't just make these smooth like normal sidewalks. They could be sued! I swear this country is so OLD.

Did you see Caitlin's pic of the kittens yesterday? Presh! That was over at the oast house. Gotta go. I'll be back in the 612 next week already! It's going so fast!



Beth Dow, The White Garden, Sissinghurst (from In the Garden)

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