Candice Methe- mapping practice label week 7

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I have spent the past week thinking about how I work. It hasn't been an easy task to dissect, when what I do is something I just do. I realized I spend so much of my time trying to free myself of over-thinking everything and settle into a practice where I try to let the process just flow through me, let the work happen inherently and naturally. But this is hard to achieve if I am in the process of constantly changing everything right? Clay bodies, surface, firing..........etc. What is it that I am searching for? One thing that has remained consistent for me is the studio. Where ever I have been the studio practice is always the same. Firstly it is where I work. It is a place I cherish and is a refuge from everything! When I walk into my studio the first thing I do is make a cup of tea. A ritual perhaps. I walk around in circles for a few minutes trying to recapture the feeling of the time I was there previous, even if it was frustration, it is always a good place to start, a continuation of the thought process. I will look at the pots I am currently working on with fresh eyes, to see if i am pleased or adjustments need to me made. I will clean my work space so i have a feeling of starting a new and I am with out distractions and annoyances. When I am settled the process of making begins and this is when I am at my best. Everything slips away and I am alone with my work.

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