Candice Methe-180 words on week 5

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My cells are satiated and bursting with the of vibration of loud, loud music. I am so full that the air is almost squeezed out of my lungs by the pressure in the room. It is dark with the lights shining on the band making it easy for me to blend into the background. The band I have chosen to see has no lyrics to accompany their music making it is so easy not to focus, only to experience. I emphasize this by not looking at the musicians. Sometimes I look at the ceiling, painted black, or at the floor; better yet I close my eyes and I am able to just listen and feel the music. I am lost to the sense of my physical form, I slip away into the nothing-ness. I move with the music but it is a slight and quiet sway. I open my eyes and I have the overwhelming urge to reach out and touch the inner arm of the young man next to me. I do not know him and I am lost between the music and the overwhelming urge to touch the soft spot of a stranger.

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