Chris, Week 5, Label- Blue Goatee

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Does/Did Homer Simpson have a goatee?

Yesterday my nephew celebrated his one year birthday by shoving handfuls of frosting and cake into his not so articulate mouth. After recycling the dropped pieces back to the highchair tray several times, he finally finished his slice. Blue frosting stained his soft cheeks and chin creating the effect of a blue 5 o'clock shadow. Watching my cute nephew devouring his cake, I could not help my mind from conjuring up an image of an unshaven Homer. Now fully satiated and feeding off the excitement around him, we helped Homer down from his chair. He stumbled around as if to check himself and his new orientation to the room. Concerned fellow patrons lend him steady hands along with snickers as he makes his way around the room seemingly aimlessly.

Maybe it was the blue beard, but maybe it was someone (with so many eyes upon them) indulging in something so undeniably delicious, evidently gluttonous and obviously excessive. Thank you yellow potbellied cartoon man with an affinity for beer and cake.

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