Chris, Week 6, Interviewing Beth (w/Kevin)

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Unfortunately, the recorder (object/tool) and the recorder (operator/me) had a SNAFU after Kevin and I interviewed Beth. The perpetual circling of pixels on the little screen wouldn't stop and resulted in a file with no contents.... I guess I shouldn't have expressed to Kevin and Beth how great the recorder had been to me....murphy's law? or maybe I should have been knockin on wood.

here's my take from notes and memory.


K ~ Beth, why the MFA program? why now? (perhaps a "and now its your turn to answer this question" question)

B- I have always wanted to teach, except when I finished my undergrad, so I moved to England. Life happened but teaching was always something I wanted to do. My children are 19 and 17(I hope I didn't make those up Beth...) they are very independant and I have the attitude that they will do just fine. This three years is for me. Its my I won't feel guilty time.
I find this an interesting parallel with a vein of conversation which came up several times during our time together about youth experiences. Beth grew up with her father, Ron Dow, making film and photographs. To her this medium, process, and life was ever present during childhood development. Her father's life in art and image making shaped her and now, in turn, Beth's children are growing up with their mother making images (father too) and they are constantly exposed to thier parents experiences in this realm. So, if I may pose a new question Beth, what does this lineage, tradition, or recurrence mean to you?
Where do your ideas / projects come from?

B- I am highly distractible. Many of my ideas come by chance since I am susceptible to tangents and spontaneous thoughts.
Instead of struggling to put together cohesive sentences of Beth's response, I will summarize and reflect: Beth talked a bit about how she is constantly self-censoring. One/some of her
friends have said she is someone who would never have to do drugs to come up with something out of the blue, outrageous, or an intuitive but distant connection. The instances of absurd thought and realizations Beth speaks of point directly to the humorous and playful qualities of her work.

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