Chris, Week 6, Label - early morning laundry

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I have never been able to sleep in. Loving a baker who leaves home at 3:36 sharp every morning has only reinforced this. So the other morning I put the kettle on the stove, grabbed a handful of change, and walked down to the basement with a heap of soil garments smelling a bizarre mix of metal shavings and stale bread. After the washing machine had completed it's spin cycle I loaded the damp clothes in to the basket and opened the door to a cold dark sky. The city was more quiet at 5 AM than I had ever heard before. The air was cool but my virtual weatherapp told me today would be a great day to dry my clothes on the line. The moon was bright and centered over the line as I pinched each item between my squeaky wooden alligator jaws. This is one moment of serenity I hold onto as the days grow shorter, but the busyness of life continues.

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