Chris, week 7, mapping

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I am torn between a couple of mapping pieces I want to elaborate on before next Friday. I will start with the first idea I was thinking, one which I labeled about this week :

Chris, week 7, label- a mapping practice
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When thinking about mapping my practice, I recalled something I had done about a year ago and now I plan to revisit. I decided to make a list of everything I used during the course of a day. More specifically, I would write down or sketch every object I physically touched. The first day's list took form on labeling tags from the Iron foundry at which I was employed, digitally through emails, and also in my sketchbook. I began to have battles in my head as to how specific I should be. I would ask myself questions such as, should I begin to list the parts of the wholes which I am documenting, is it a water bottle I am using or should the vessel and the lid be separated, and the water inside?

I began to doubt the entire concept of listing everything I used when I asked myself about light and sound. I touched the light switch. What about the light? The sound of the internal components of the switch? This began to develop into something very interesting in terms of objects and their physical extensions into the world, but this concept was anew from the original goal. So I eventually decided to just let the list happen naturally as if it were a habit of mine. I would document the object as it were a whole. I called it "A WORKING INVENTORY OF EVERYTHING I USED TODAY".

Revisiting this idea seems like a wonderful way to realize what it is I am doing, working on, and interacting with. I believe it will reveal that I should spend less time hitting the space bar with my thumbs and find more objects/tools for making to add to the list.

My second idea is more about mapping a behavior. Specifically the objects created would be a map of the act of drying off one's body after showering or bathing. I am still working out the technical details of how I will create the image. My initial idea was to shower/bath in some liquid which would then "paint" on to the towel as one dries. After stewing the ideas over, I have been moving towards methods which could be better described as some form of printmaking or print-taking. I would like to develop a "kit" for this process and collect maps from others which would all be installed together.

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Chris, I really like both of these ideas-- particularly the first as it seems to have great resonance with your practice. To address the dilemma of detail, What if you did a meta-map of EVERYTHING, and did a few side-maps digging into the processes of analysis around a few particular objects? SB

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