Emily, Week 5: Label

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Mvmnt Cafe, London 2012
Morag Myerscough, Danny Elphick, Lemn Sissay


Carefully cobbled from shipping containers, scaffolding, and plywood, then embellished with paint and poetry, MVMNT Cafe temporarily fills a vacant lot with vibrant color. The place-from-no-place in southeast London was funded by a developer and constructed in sixteen days by scores of artists and designers, timed to coincide with this summer's Olympics. Its clean materiality is overlaid with bold graphics, and punctuated by the tweets of poet Lemn Sissay notifying visitors that THIS IS THE PATH and THIS IS THE HOUSE and THIS IS EYE CONTACT.

This is what we need, a ruthless reoccupation of our land. We take back a lot and sell coffee and ice cream, and we put out tables and pillows and big letters that spell big ideas. You will come with your kids, your dog, and your laptop and sit in a place you perhaps have seen every day and watch performances you will never see again. Someday soon, the screws will be unscrewed and the plants unplanted, and you will miss it. How will the place be changed? Will it forever be the THIS IS THE GATE?



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