Emily, Week 6: Interview

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NOTES ON MARA (10.09.2012)


I wish I could be like, "you could do that"
I'm always afraid to talk to people
I just make the images and I just sort of put it out there
I don't mind what people think about them
I only ever photograph friends
I've seen people like, oh my God, I'd like to take a picture of them
Maybe you could carry your art cards around
You could be like "Hey, I'm legit! Could I take your picture?"
I see myself as an artist who happens to be into printmaking right now
I lose myself as a person who can't really draw
The drawing I make doesn't satisfy what I'm going for
I'm ready to move on
I'm in this weird in-between place
Just make something, but what do I make?
What does this mean, and if it doesn't mean something why am I doing it?
I saw that Kiki Smith installation Kitchen and fell in love with it
That's my end goal
I want to make an installation of something, of this small, intimate room
Reading this book called the Poetics of Space
Yeah, he's really interesting
I'm really wrapped up in it so far, and I'm not that far into it
Building the room from the small objects out
Once I get a grasp on that I can figure out the space
I like things to look smooth and polished
I would like to cast pinecones and weeds and...
A cabinet of curiosities that I find and remake
Thinking about the little objects that go into the room
Wherever I walk I'm looking down, I looked depressed
Everyone's like "smile!"
I'm obsessed with animals, with deer, with squirrels, but not rats
I hate rats so much
There's this squirrel down the street
It looks like it fell asleep on its stomach but it's dead
I want to pick it up, but I can't touch it
I pick up rocks, and I have a little cicada
I just want its wings
I want to buy things, but I struggle
I don't know why I have a problem with that
I pin up my stuff on the wall
Just seeing things next to each other I see connections between them
I love books, and I love paper, I just love collecting little precious...
I used to have, growing up, a little box full of the precious things I would find
Like rocks and shells and coins
I'm selectively a packrat
Collections of odd things that I like to keep
In my studio I spread them out on the windowsill because I like to look at them.
I have this interest in things that are tactile, that I can hold or look at
I collect quotes, collecting things that are tangible and and intangible
I have these word documents full of lists and lists of quotes that I like
I write down everything, I have a collection of sketchbooks
I don't draw for inspiration
I like handwriting
I'm just trying to bring it into fruition now
My work before this is very figural
I'm interested in how to have the presence of the figure without them there
Maybe little relics of them, or something related to them
There's this photograph I just found it in this book
I'm astounded
A cabinet full of stuffed animals and she's falling out of it
She's a part of it, I feel like that's what I'm doing now
I wish I could have been more articulate
Don't sit and think about it forever
You think about your idea, and should be thinking while you're testing it
I could think and think and think and write and write and write and OK
Just do something
You're you, go at your own pace
Just make something.
I find an image that I'm really excited about, a medium I'm really excited about.
I'm really into photogravure
Once I start getting some materials I'm use to
Have an image in my head, and just make it
I did a photolitho, which is OK
Why did I stop at four?
I'm interested in elements of posture
A slight tilt of the head, or shoulders that convey a lot of emotion
A photograph that captures the right emotion
It takes a while to distill down
I would like to get this pose or that pose
I usually do things in black and white
I think color is beautiful, but there's an emotion attached to black and white
Sometimes people say things
I hadn't really considered myself an artist
I was an art student
And then I taught preschool for a little bit and I taught them little art projects
It's this really weird identity thing going on
It's hard to pinpoint
In that moment, I'd never thought of extending myself into the public domain
I just like to watch people watching art
People ponder, and I want to know what they're thinking
I look at art and wonder what I should be thinking
A gallery is a loaded place
People are forcing themselves to experience it
I would like to just do it
I walk by a building and think, "That would be a good building..."
I'm working myself up to extending beyond my studio
I think that would be a mind-bending experience
In any practice there are the things you do that seem absurd
The only thing I'm worried about is if there's blood on the print
This is a part of the ritual of what I'm doing
It's a sublime moment
Sometimes when I'm just sitting and writing, things are popping into my head
I was there all day, all night, I lived there
I don't even want to pinpoint it
It's this elusive idea that I have in my head
I keep talking about it, it will become too concrete
It's kind of precious
I just want to keep it to myself, and keep doing it
I should definitely go home and do something
It's OK that things haven't been going exactly right
It makes you feel like you want to do something

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