Emily, Week 7: Label

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Street Food Lighting Project Installation
Jorge Manes Rubio


I've spent nearly a year considering food in our public realm. The purchase, preparation, and consumption process, so necessary to daily survival, is regulated and contained and seldom shared between strangers. Food, the sizzle and the substance of it, is where life happens, and bringing "life" back into cities is where my personal practice begins. As it expands, I use temporary acts to reveal the potential for life, and to cultivate a desire for more permanent social structures to accommodate it.



This project, by Spanish designer Jorge Manes Rubio, uses a small ephemeral gesture to cut through the complex issues and illustrate the powerful presence of food. Building on an earlier piece in which he visually transposed images of storefronts from one part of a town to a dark corner somewhere else, the Street Food Lighting Project uses projections of vibrant outdoor market scenes to instill a measure of life into otherwise uninhabited streetscapes. The limited dimensions of a blank wall expand, creating a visual depth and a desire for physical deepness. The results are both a summation of a problem, and a call to action.

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