Emily, Week 8: Label

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Life/Theater: Jerry Goralnick


Artist and "experientialist" Lee Walton works in subtle ways, weaving small acts of performance into the everyday urban environment. He orchestrates public theatrical work that is sometimes noticeably peculiar, but is often hidden within the mundane activity that surrounds us. He calls these works "Life/Theater," arranging complex systems of actors and props to perform intricate pieces, virtually indistinguishable from the composite performances of reality. With these pieces, he challenges audiences to notice the beauty and theatricality of the everyday life surrounding them while critically questioning what is "real" and what is "not real" within public space.

With Life/Theater: Jerry Goralnick, Walton has both expanded his timeframe and reduced the size of his cast. One man, Jerry Goralnick, sits at the same lunchtable outside of the UBS Building in Manhattan. For 62 consecutive workdays, he wears the same attire and executes the same hour-long ritual. Normal activities become aberrant, but only with a careful witnessing of the cycles. This experientialist piece reveals how an individual can become like the architecture of public space, when action is repeated over a prolonged period of time.

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