Erin, Week 5: Catalog reflexive

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If I were to have a catalog written about this piece, I would invite the french philosopher Gaston Bachelard to do so. His book on the Poetics of Space critically analyzes homes and the characterization of them. I think this view point would be an interesting match with my work. To the best of my abilities, I wrote in what I thought would be his perspective if he were to write about artwork in general.

Hypothetical Show

Personal Spaces; Reviewed by French Philospher Gaston Bachelard, Author of the Poetics of Space

Multiple ideas of space are reiterated in Paradis' "Sensing My Past" piece. An awareness of self comes across from the washy brush strokes of the blue shape in the background. Its abstract quality gives a structure and stability to the rest of the piece. Just as your house is your core and the soul is present in its structure, this form has an identity like that of a home. With the other components of the piece, suggestions of different parts of the home or a town are indicated. Perhaps Paradis had a feeling of understanding and strength in her place of residence from where this imagery was inspired.

The viewers' memories of their own upbringing and past travel come up through the suggestive shapes and patterns. The simplicity of the forms is reminiscent of industrial spaces that can appear in many towns and cities. To what degree can these constructions remain personal to the artist yet relate to an outside viewer? When does it become less about specific places and more about identity or one self? These thoughts and ideas are explored in "Sensing My Past."

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