Erin, Week 5: Label

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Here, fall is apparent. No buildings or houses block your view of the season. As we pass the "interactive center" and the other side of the campground filled with RV's and pop up campers, we are scared we won't get the isolation we needed. Families with too much gear for an evening or even a weekend outing filled the open campsites. Even though our little campsite has clear views to the unneeded camper trailers of the neighbors, the path of the walk we chose was secluded and peaceful.

Finding the trail, the leaves are most definitely yellow, red, and orange along the quickly cooling river. They fall to the ground lightly and easily, crunching under our feet as we walk through the field in the quiet sunset. I start to remember my relationship with nature that I had forgotten about the past month. About the meditative quality of quiet you don't get in a city. My mind is put at ease and distractions consist of birds flying in front of us, or the cottonweed blowing across our path.

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