Erin, Week 6: Label

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Smart Phones

I made the recent transition to a smart phone a mere 5 months ago. I'm not so sure it was the right choice. The accessibility to almost any information I could imagine, distracting myself from my own thoughts by going back and forth between different apps, was a whole new world for me. All of these phones are almost always bound to be broken within its two-year contract, take up too much space, and you can look at facebook whenever you desire. The list of horrible things about smart phones can go on and on.

Even so, I admit, I love my phone for the many times it has come in handy. But I want to keep it that way. It should only be a helpful tool that just so happens to also be my communication device.

If I ever, EVER, turn into one of those people at concerts though, who is looking at facebook, tweeting, instagraming, messaging, and taking 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 pictures of the same band in the same pose, I will throw my phone at a wall and be done with it.

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