Erin, Week 7: Mapping Ideas

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2012-10-18 18.38.23.jpg

Mapping my practice has turned into a collage on a wall in my studio. I felt that I needed the space to expand and let my "map" grow. Being able to see the transformation in my work in the places that I have moved, I feel a strong connection to those physical adjustments I made in my life. So starting this exercise I literally created my own map of the 5 states in which I have lived. Having all of the state outlines in front of me will help me delve into the ideas I'm starting to explore in my work and understand my practice further.

1 Comment

Erin, I really like the thought of and manifestation of "visualizing expansion." For Friday, it would be great for you to develop a kind of detailed key for this map-- for you to delve into specific details of what the transformations have been in each state and get into more of the nuance of the physical adjustments and their implications (including influence on your practice).


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