Erin, Week 8: Label

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There is a constant shift in my head as I am working. Questions arise constantly about formal ideas and also about the validity of them. I need the back and forth of different tools, clay bodies, materials, and processes. My mind is in constant motion as I think of slab building as I am throwing. Or I think of forms I want to create as I'm painting different shapes on my wall. If I don't go along with the desire to create in multiple ways, there's a sense of plateau in my making. I feel stagnant and unsatisfied. The exchange of ideas from one medium to the next is a web of thoughts and can only be created in this way. Is this fulfilling the processes to what they desire and need? Am I giving the ideas their full potential? When faced with one way of working, one tool and one blank canvas, the thoughts aren't as exciting for me. I need that energy of motion and different undertakings occurring simultaneously to keep the momentum of every practice moving forward.

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