Josh, Week 5, Catalog Entries: Reflexive

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I propose that I contact a factory with an assembly line. I would like to perhaps send each piece of art down the assembly line and allow the employees to examine each item as if they were working the line (I would pay them time and a half of course for this after hours activity). I would then maybe send down a survey about their experience with the art pieces.
If this was not possible, I would have them usher into an exhibition space and in a very orderly fashion circulate the space examining the pieces. They would each spend ten minutes at each piece. I would then give them all 10 minutes immediately following their viewing of the last piece in their ordered sequence to write down what they thought of it.

I think this mirrors my interest in repetition with some pazazz. I enjoy the redundancy of this process, which is perhaps reminiscent of a group of museum goers silently working their way through the galleries.

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