Josh, Week 7, Label

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My practice is sporadic. Instead of putting up a fight, I follow my distractions into a contented state of euphoria often consisting of cat videos on the internet (or other recorded animal related observations). Other times, I work diligently on something until I never want to see it again (this is what traditional printmaking feels like to me [in my current personal opinion]).
I work quickly most of the time. I will think about something for a really long time trying to vaguely lay out a plan, but then in an often spur of the moment situation slap the piece together using an intuitive approach that negates much of the already vague plan. This usually creates new directions/distractions to follow into another project and keeps things lively (maybe). I also make tons of flops. These flops are often recycled into other flops. Sometimes the layers of flops turn into worthwhile projects.
I work a lot. I make a lot. I am usually going in lots of directions at the same time.
Mauricio Lasansky once said, "When you are drawing it is like you are sitting on the phone waiting for someone to answer. Most of the time it is the wrong number." I apply this to any artistic practice though.

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